Carpenters of Sound. Photo Exhibit

An exhibit of my photographic art work featuring hands of violin makers at work during the 2014 Sweet Water Music Festival, Canada. Here is the text by María Constanza Guzmán that accompanied the exhibition.

Luthiers bring their instruments into the world and play them for the first time --a transcendental ritual. However, these artists are often invisible behind their instruments. While their body is part of that of their creators', their instruments, once completed, move to other hands where they begin a new life. But once they migrate, the connection between them and the luthiers' hands remains.

The photos of Itzel Ávila--luthier and photographer--seek to reveal the continuity between the body of these artists and their instruments. It is in the link between the hands and the instrument's wood, its texture, shape and form, where we can catch a glimpse of the symbiotic relationship between an instrument and the luthier's body.

Here is a sample of some of my pictures