Itzel Ávila, M. Mus., Luthier


I was born in Morelia, Mexico, where I began my training as a violinist and violin maker. I graduated in violin performance from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 2002, already playing instruments of my own crafting.

I continued my career in Montreal with a scholarship from the Government of Quebec, obtaining a Master’s degree in violin from the University of Montreal (2004). 

As a Violin Maker, I further perfected my skills by studying in Cremona, Italy, San Francisco, US, and again in Montreal, under the guidance of world-class violin makers such as Francis Kuttner and Michèle Ashley, as well as renown bow makers such as André Lavoye and David Tamblyn. 

In addition to being an independent maker, I have worked several years as a violin and bow restorer for Wilder & Davis Luthiers (Montreal) and for The Sound Post shop in Toronto, gaining extensive experience with a wide variety of types, makes and ages of instruments owned by world-class soloists.

I have established my workshop in Toronto, but I am also very active in international associations and events. My repertoire of instrument exhibitions includes Cuvée Darling (Cremona 2013, Amsterdam 2016), Violin Society of America (Baltimore 2006; Portland 2008; Cleveland 2010, 2012, 2016; Indianapolis, 2014), Forum des fabricants (Montreal 2014, 2015, 2016; Edmonton 2016; Vancouver 2016; Toronto 2017), Sweet Water Music Festival (Owen Sound 2014, 2016), among others.

Being myself a performer, I strive to craft instruments that are comfortable to play and organically adapt to the hands, technique and demands of their player. They are also characterized by their immediate response, and their balanced and even tone across the four strings.

For further details on my national and international activities, exhibits and presentations as a Violin Maker, please visit my blog.

In addition to music and wood, photography is another of my greatest passions.