Clients are family to me. I take as much pride in the work I do as in the musicians I serve.  I am very grateful for their comments and feedback

Itzel has an eye for detail and her work is meticulously performed. Itzel also regularly has the best materials at hand such as for quality bow re-hairs or a selection of bridges with outstanding resonance. Not the least, the violins made by Itzel display remarkable tonal properties, projection lending itself to chamber music and solo work, evenness across all strings, and ease of playing in addition to beautiful and precise crafting. Sometimes, when waiting for a new set-up, or the finishing touches to some job, she will make you the best coffee ever.
— Agoston Tamas, Violinist
It has been an absolute pleasure playing Itzel’s violin. Her work is truly marvellous and beautifully done. Itzel also provides an excellent after-sales service. She is very prompt in replying all your queries and makes your journey to find the right violin smoother and easier! I am fully satisfied with her amazing instrument and after-sale service
— Melissa Baek, violinist
I purchased the violin Momo, made by Itzel, in 2017. I love this violin - the craftsmanship is exquisite and the sound is bright and expansive yet sophisticated. Itzel puts a lot of love and care into her instruments.
— Ivana Popovic, violinist
Itzel, I absolutely love my 5 string violin that you built for me. Thanks for all the thought and care you put into tailoring it to my specific style. It sounds amazing, and plays like a dream! Also I really appreciate the support you give me with violin check-ups and bow rehairs. I feel like I am in very good hands!
— Chris McKhool, Sultans of String
Itzel has a great attention to details and the same high level professional approach to every single instrument, no matter if it is a student violin or a Strad from your grandma’s attic!
— Rocky Milankov, violinist & violist
Each one of her instruments is carefully and beautifully crafted. Each one has a name since each one is like an individual with distinctive personality, sound and image. My cello, Inés, was born in 2011. Ever since we are a duo. It has a rich and compelling sound and is incredibly comfortable. With this instrument I teach, and I explore the large repertoire we have played together.
— Gustavo Martín, cellist
Working with Itzel, over the years, has been an amazing experience. She created an instrument with a beautiful tone and with specific modifications to suit my preferences. I also enjoy her openness to explaining more about her craft, giving me useful guidance regarding string choices for my particular violin, as well as more efficient ways of caring for my instrument.
— Tanya Charles, Violinist
Since 2014 I have been playing on Luna a wonderful violin made by Itzel Avila. I still remember the first time I saw Luna. I felt a strong attraction to this violin because of it’s unique shape. And as soon as I played the first sound I knew this violin will change my performance in a very profound way! The sounds is powerful, warm and has a strong projection. I also love the physical part of playing with Luna since it is very comfortable. Thank you so much to Itzel for creating such an amazing violin!
— Paulina Derbez, violinist
When my elderly violin and bow needed long-overdue maintenance I was very lucky to have Google introduce me to Itzel. After Itzel’s careful and skilled adjustments, my instruments assumed a new and much more vibrant life. My violin’s timbre is now brighter and displays enhanced confidence. It’s tone is richer and fuller with additional colour. It is now happier and more fun to play and, not surprisingly, I play it more often.
Itzel’s knowledge, craftsmanship and affection for her work are readily apparent. I can’t think of anyone more able than Itzel to coax a magical, new sparkle from a tired instrument.
— Bob Hopewell, violinist, trombonist and painter.