These are a few examples of of my instruments. Most of them are sold.

My instruments are available in various locations in the United States and Canada. I also bring one or two with me whenever I attend international violin making exhibitions in North America and Europe. I am making instruments all the time, and I can deliver them worldwide. Please contact me if you are interested in trying one of them.

My instruments come with a written life-warranty, a certificate, and an extra set of strings. If purchased in Toronto, they also come with a complimentary bow rehair.

Saturn (violin), 2019

Caracol (violin), 2018

Obialto (viola 16’’), 2017

River (violin), 2017

Altazor (violin), 2015

Alice (violin), 2014

Leo (violin), 2014

Luna (cornerless violin), 2014

Adriano (violin), 2013

Maria (viola), 2013

Emilio (violin), 2007

Demian (violin), 2011

Cistello (violin), 2006.


Inés (cello), 2011